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At R2 Studios Architecture, we are a family owned business of architects, dream-weavers, and space-shapers. With a passion for innovation, we blend form and function to curate bespoke homes and commercial spaces that resonate with your lifestyle and needs. Our diverse expertise and commitment to excellence set us apart, allowing us to transform your visions into breathtaking realities.

We specialize in translating your aspirations into architectural marvels. From the initial consultation, where we delve deep into your desires, to site visits that capture the essence of your space, we embark on a collaborative journey. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures each design is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. Whether it's a remodel, renovation, or new construction, we infuse every project with creativity and purpose, resulting in homes that are both stunning and functional.

Join us in shaping a world where spaces tell stories, where architecture reflects dreams, and where R2 Studios Architecture is your partner in creating a life lived beautifully.


House, Home, New Home, Architect, Architecture, New Build, Design, Plans


As architects, we relish the schematic design phase. It's where our creative journey begins, where we explore concepts, sketch rough layouts, and breathe life into ideas. This initial stage is the inception of our design narrative, setting the direction for a building's form and function, shaping our vision.

House, Home, New Home, Architect, Architecture, New Build, Design, Plans


Designing a new construction package is where our architectural vision blooms. We conceptualize, sketch, and plan with precision. Every detail, from foundations to finishes, is meticulously crafted. Our role as architects is to shape spaces that align with dreams, delivering comprehensive plans that breathe life into your unique vision.

House, Home, New Home, Architect, Architecture, New Build, Design, Plans


Experience architectural excellence with our comprehensive construction document production service. Our intricately detailed blueprints, precise material specifications, and meticulously crafted schedules come together to form the backbone of your project. From structural integrity to flawless finishes, our documents ensure every aspect aligns seamlessly, guiding builders towards transforming your vision into a stunning reality.

House, Home, New Home, Architect, Architecture, New Build, Design, Plans


Design development in architecture is a transformative journey. From initial concepts, ideas flourish into refined plans through meticulous detailing and collaboration. Materials, aesthetics, and functionality harmonize, breathing life into your vision. The process is an evolution, sculpting spaces that captivate and inspire, tailored to your unique narrative.

House, Home, New Home, Architect, Architecture, New Build, Design, Plans


As architects, crafting addition plans is our artistry. We expand existing spaces seamlessly, merging aesthetics and functionality. In-depth assessments lead to innovative designs, integrating new elements harmoniously. We ensure structural integrity and compliance, enhancing rooms while preserving their character. It's our passion, transforming spaces with precision and style.



As architects, we breathe life into visions through construction administration. Collaborating closely with builders, we meticulously oversee execution, ensuring design integrity. Challenges are met head-on as we champion compliance, quality, and timely completion. Our steadfast commitment culminates in harmonious spaces that blend design and construction seamlessly, leaving lasting inspiration.

House, Home, New Home, Architect, Architecture, New Build, Design, Plans


Site and zoning analysis, our compass in architectural journeys. We, as architects, meticulously study the land, assessing its potential and limitations. Zoning regulations guide our designs, ensuring harmony with the surroundings. This process is where our canvas is defined, shaping our blueprint within the landscape's unique constraints and opportunities.

House, Home, New Home, Architect, Architecture, New Build, Design, Plans


In our role as architects, remodel plans are transformative. We delve into the existing structure, envisioning its rebirth. Creativity meets practicality as we draft layouts, select materials, and craft solutions that breathe new life into spaces. It's our artistry, rejuvenating spaces with a fresh perspective, turning dreams into reality.

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We specialize in facilitating the conversion of single-family residences into assisted living facilities. Our licensed architect guides homeowners through the entire process, ensuring compliance with Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry regulations. From initial concept to plan submission, we provide comprehensive support, prioritizing safety, functionality, and regulatory adherence. Partner with us to seamlessly transform your home into a purposeful and compliant assisted living space, where our expertise meets your vision.

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